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Big Island Hawaii – Five Years Kama’aina

I lived on the big island of Hawaii for five years, and am often asked what I miss and what I recommend, so here is that quick list. And see the slide show at the end for a quick overview of Hawaii in general. Kona and Kohala My favorite beaches: Makalawena is hands [...]

2024-04-21T20:17:12+00:0021 Apr 2024|

Taking a Turn

Because of my own personal reaction (usually shock and worry) every time I see a female engineering leader go through a reduction in scope, a non-promotion-releated role change, or an outright departure, and because of my own desire to make it easier to support each other with changes and growth, I shared this [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0010 Jul 2023|

Living Your Ultimate Dev Life

The real story here is spending time with the revered and adored Ms. Avery - my youngest son's third-grade teacher several years ago, who made a career change into software engineering a few years ago. She and Chris contacted me about speaking about my experiences in the industry and currently at GitHub, and [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0009 Nov 2022|

Grace in the Workplace

I remember my first office job. I don't remember my boss's name anymore, but I remember his face distinctly. I remember his loud, booming voice, especially when he was upset about something, which wasn't infrequent. I remember him slamming his office door which was across and diagonal from my cubicle, and then immediately [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0008 Nov 2022|

Hacking the Org Podcast

I love when I get to talk about my work, and recording this episode was such a great time. Check out Pausing Feature Development to Focus on Tech Debt and DX, and hear more about how GitHub made time to focus on engineering fundamentals.

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0013 Sep 2022|

LeadDev Together Module Session

Check out this LeadDev module, 5 investments for a sustainable, high-performing team, going live next week, 20 Sep 2022. Meet short term hiring goals or invest in building a sustainable, high-performing team? These are the questions that plague every hiring manager’s mind. Learn how to build a healthy, self-sustaining ecosystem within your team that [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0013 Sep 2022|

Essential Roles for Planning a Technical Project

Before coding anything, make sure you've involved a decision maker, the person doing the work, someone with context, someone with fresh perspective, and whoever is going to be maintaining it. These are the five essential roles for planning a technical project. One person can cover all of these things with one exception: you [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0001 Aug 2022|
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