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A Judgement-Free Sea

Once upon a time, there was a book. I didn’t realize I’d had it, or had taken a look. I’m not sure who wrote it, some was surely by me. And more parts I’d copied from others’ beliefs. Its pages were full of rules and expectations. I’d come to rely on it in [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0013 Jun 2022|

A Story About DX Team Transformation

I was a guest on the Engineering Enablement podcast's inaugural episode, talking about how we have been transforming GitHub's Developer Experience (DX). Have a listen or catch the transcript there.

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0013 Apr 2022|

Getting the Answers You Need

Sometimes we want answers and solutions RIGHT NOW. The rewards are high, the learning is quick, the resolution is fast. And sometimes, the best thing for us is to figure those out by ourselves.

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0008 Apr 2022|

Power to Fly Networking Event

I had a chance to be a panelist for a networking event hosted by Power to Fly for GitHub, and it was such a fantastic time! Hear my thoughts on how we work and how to balance it well here (starting at 35:28 and again at 49:47 if you want to skip right [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0030 Mar 2022|

How Can I Shake the Guilt and Take Some Time Off?

Here are some common reasons that fuel guilt and prevent taking time off … and some related questions I consider to help me loosen up those fear-inducing beliefs: People are relying on me, and if I don't deliver, my customers or users or co-workers will be disappointed or worse, leave. Q: Could I [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0012 Mar 2022|

Getting Promoted in Tech

We're heading into another promotion cycle, and I've gathered my thoughts about getting promoted in tech, and added a love letter to my early-in-role engineer and new-mom self at the end.

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0017 Jan 2022|

Feasible Calendaring

I've been continuing on this journey to figure out a better way to calendar. That previous post is full of insights and learnings. Here's my current, more streamlined system.

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0030 Dec 2021|

Debunking a Common Myth about Life in Tech as a Working Mom*

At certain times or in particular areas, companies will prioritize growth and profits above many other things. They’ll invest in launching a new product, or work people and factories for long hours to meet a sudden increase in demand, for example. A related pattern can be seen in taking on financial debt, where [...]

2023-12-09T23:20:22+00:0022 Dec 2021|

Handling Challenging People

What I outline here isn't a quick win or a hack, and it isn't going to help me sort out how to get someone to do what I want or think like me, which would be the ultimate hack! It would also rob this world and myself of the full human experience we [...]

2022-06-06T23:55:57+00:0009 Dec 2021|

Trifecta Basics

I long ago committed to nailing work-life balance, until I realized that work is a massive part of life, and there are so many other big parts of life to balance as well. So really what I aim for is how to achieve a balanced life overall. But in an effort not to [...]

2022-06-06T23:55:59+00:0029 Nov 2021|
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