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Taking a Turn

Because of my own personal reaction (usually shock and worry) every time I see a female engineering leader go through a reduction in scope, a non-promotion-releated role change, or an outright departure, and because of my own desire to make it easier to support each other with changes and growth, I shared this [...]

2023-07-10T00:54:24+00:0010 Jul 2023|

Living Your Ultimate Dev Life

The real story here is spending time with the revered and adored Ms. Avery - my youngest son's third-grade teacher several years ago, who made a career change into software engineering a few years ago. She and Chris contacted me about speaking about my experiences in the industry and currently at GitHub, and [...]

2023-07-10T02:29:20+00:0009 Nov 2022|

Hacking the Org Podcast

I love when I get to talk about my work, and recording this episode was such a great time. Check out Pausing Feature Development to Focus on Tech Debt and DX, and hear more about how GitHub made time to focus on engineering fundamentals.

2022-09-13T00:41:34+00:0013 Sep 2022|

LeadDev Together Module Session

Check out this LeadDev module, 5 investments for a sustainable, high-performing team, going live next week, 20 Sep 2022. Meet short term hiring goals or invest in building a sustainable, high-performing team? These are the questions that plague every hiring manager’s mind. Learn how to build a healthy, self-sustaining ecosystem within your team that [...]

2022-09-13T00:40:35+00:0013 Sep 2022|

Essential Roles for Planning a Technical Project

Before coding anything, make sure you've involved a decision maker, the person doing the work, someone with context, someone with fresh perspective, and whoever is going to be maintaining it. These are the five essential roles for planning a technical project. One person can cover all of these things with one exception: you [...]

2022-08-01T01:46:10+00:0001 Aug 2022|

Yes, I Can Negotiate

When it comes to negotiating, there's an easy and instant way, where you just go for it and see what happens. In another sense, really, the easiest thing to do is nothing, and rely solely on outside forces and chance.   Or, you can take additional steps that will increase the likelihood of [...]

2022-07-15T04:28:27+00:0015 Jul 2022|

A Framework for Understanding Impact

I'm often working with executives to come up with timelines and priorities, and I'm often working with older children to help them understand what I need to know in order to help them make a decision or complete something, and--I promise I'm not making a correlation between executives and children here--through this [...]

2022-07-15T04:24:03+00:0011 Jul 2022|

Three, No, Four Great Responses

I have a canned response I have used for years when someone talks to me about a challenge they're having, and I'm in some sort of "position of power" relative to them in terms of some role I have (boss at work, director, organization president, mother, etc). "Are you venting, looking for advice, [...]

2022-07-15T04:28:09+00:0020 Jun 2022|

Focus or Reach

It's promotion and review season where I work, and going through this cycle I was reminded of a theme I frequently see come up: Focused effort vs broad involvement Sometimes we create situations for ourselves and our own growth when we are doing many things at once. Sometimes we feel like we have to, [...]

2022-07-11T02:59:40+00:0015 Jun 2022|
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