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A Year Since Taking a Turn

06 Jun 2024|

A year after I made some big moves, deciding to turn away from my dream job and zip code, I've got the additional time and mental energy I was after, and I've learned and processed so much as a result. Catch up on what I discovered about management and individual contributing as a result, and what tropical beauty and growth really are.

I Want to Be the Stunt Double

21 May 2024|

I recently watched David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived, a movie about the stunt double for Daniel Radcliffe while filming the Harry Potter movies. He was in an accident on set while filming the next to the last movie, which left him paralyzed. And with hall the challenges, and there are so many for him, in the end of the film he's shown still loving the film industry and speaking to young [...]

Big Island Hawaii – Five Years Kama’aina

21 Apr 2024|

I lived on the big island of Hawaii for five years, and am often asked what I miss and what I recommend, so here is that quick list. And see the slide show at the end for a quick overview of Hawaii in general. Kona and Kohala My favorite beaches: Makalawena is hands down my favorite beach on the island, because it is almost always nearly empty and untouched by developers, and [...]

Toxic Positivity Isn’t The Problem, It’s Toxic Progressivity

03 Apr 2024|

I was once blamed for toxic positivity, where one doesn't acknowledge the very real feelings associated with thoughts about certain events, or worse, where one pressures people to suppress those thoughts and feelings or attempts to convince them that they are wrong. Mind you, it is okay to share your own different opinions, especially when you aren't trying to sell your own agenda and when you're respecting others' different opinions, and meeting [...]

Three Takeaways From Three Folks Taken Away in ’23

03 Mar 2024|

I met and lost three incredible people in 2023. I wasn’t extremely close with them, and still they impacted me greatly in the brief time I knew each of them. And even after they died, I continued to see how much they inspired others, and be more inspired by them myself. When it came to others, each of them acted to amplify and support and encourage everyone around them. I saw each [...]

Losing Your Mind? Then You Need An Orange Pen, Too. It Has All the Answers.

10 Dec 2023|

I'm about to tell you about what has become an unexpected game-changer in my life: an orange pen. To say I was resistant to the suggestion is quite an understatement. It wasn't the color of the pen that put me off, it was its part in an exercise I was asked to do. I was asked to get some paper and use two different-color pens on it - one color was to [...]

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