Check out this LeadDev module, 5 investments for a sustainable, high-performing team, going live next week, 20 Sep 2022.

Meet short term hiring goals or invest in building a sustainable, high-performing team? These are the questions that plague every hiring manager’s mind. Learn how to build a healthy, self-sustaining ecosystem within your team that produces high-performing results with these five guidelines.

Come learn my well-worn strategies around how to focus on team performance, build relationships within the team and across team boundaries, and create a team that pushes each other to grow.

This session is part of a six-part, bi-weekly series for Engineering leaders to participate in together to help level each other up and find ways to evolve their craft. This module is part of the Pillars of Engineering Management series that runs from Sep to Nov. There are two additional courses following this one, and at 699 USD per person with half-off for groups of 15 or more, it’s incredibly valuable. I’ve enjoyed attending these in the past and am honored to be speaking at this one. It was an absolute trip to put together, and hope folks enjoy hearing about some of the tricks I’ve learned over the years.