Liz         808.464.3040       text me for anything

Mitch    801.631.3209        text me, too

Luke      19yo  developmental delays and sweet & will help with laundry if needed!

Jonah    15yo   helpful, knows everything

You may also see Grandma Brown and Roca (our old little dog)

  • Come and go as you please
  • Let us know if you need anything
  • The switch behind the bed controls the ceiling fan (right slider) and light level (left slider)
  • The bathroom right next to the guest room is all yours – make yourself at home there
  • Hair dryer and close-up mirror are in the bottom drawer in the bathroom
  • Towels are under the sink closest to the bathroom
  • Feel free to use the kitchen downstairs, and upstairs if you need anything else
  • The laundry is in the room of the downstairs living area – help yourself
  • The boys’ rooms are on the other side of the downstairs kitchen, FYI
  • Please use the pool, and let us know if you want to use the hot tub – it takes about 45 minutes to heat up
  • Pool towels and toys are in the closet by the kitchen downstairs